Fashion Culture DataBase (FCDB) Form
After filling the form, you will receive the dataset by e-mail under certain conditions and terms. If you do not receive an e-mail after filling in the form, send e-mail to
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1. FCDB is available for only academic or educational purposes.
2. All images of the FCDB are obtained from the YFCC100M on Flickr. The users must follow all rights (including copyright) and usage of YFCC100M and Flickr.
3. The authors affiliated in National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Tokyo Denki University (TDU) are not responsible for the reproduction, duplication, copy, sale, trade, resell or exploitation for any commercial purposes, of any portion of the images and any portion of derived the data.
4. The users agree *not to* further copy, publish or distribute any portion of the FCDB. Exceptionally, for internal use within a single team for a single organization, making copies of the dataset is allowed.
5. AIST and TDU reserve the right to terminate your access to the FCDB at any time.
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