Comparative Analysis of Creative Compression tools - SURVEY
The aim of this research study is to determine whether hardware processing, specifically creative compression can be distinguished from their less expensive, and emulated equivalents.

This study aims to take around 10-15 minutes to complete.
Instructions & Disclaimer

For this survey you will need some form of speakers or headphones.

The survey consists of 3 listening exercises.

You will listen to a 30 second piece of audio, which has no compression or effects applied to it. You will then listen to another 30 second piece of audio, all processed with 'All-Buttons In' style heavy-handed creative compression, from 5 different compressors. Each piece of compressed audio which makes up the 30 second piece is listed as A to E for each test. This is distinguished in the track labelled 'Comp + Beep' to make the changes more obvious. These labels will be referred to as such the questions of the survey.

Once you've listened to the pieces of audio, below will be a set of questions regarding your preferences with the audio sample, and how it's been processed. This will then repeat for another two audio samples.


In keeping with 10.4 of the Nottingham Trent University Code of Practice for Research, this survey adheres to principles listed for Research Involving Human Participants.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary, and you may choose not to participate. If you do participate in this survey, you are able to withdraw at any time, and will not be penalised if you decide not to participate or withdraw. To keep respondents' confidentiality, this survey will not contain information that will personally identify you.

The results of this survey are for academic purposes only. All data that is collected within this study is used solely for this study, and is only accessible for the leader of this study. This information will also be shared with representatives of Nottingham Trent University. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact the leader of this study below.

Please note as these are listening tests, that any injury caused by excessive volume is at the respondent's own risk.

By continuing with this survey, you consent to reading the above information and voluntarily agree to participate in this survey.


Survey Leader:

Nathan Loveridge
Confetti Institute of Creative Technology
Nottingham Trent University
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