CCDI Mentee Profile (To be filled out AFTER Submitting Student Application)
After completing a CCDI student application, please work on filling out this questionnaire in detail so we can potentially match you with a mentor in our program
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First & Last Name *
Write a short introduction about yourself. (Some suggestions: nicknames, what neighborhood you are from, how many siblings, who you live with, talents, bi-lingual, characteristics that make you, YOU etc.)
What activities/programs, sports, or clubs are you involved in or plan to be involved at school OR outside of school?
List 2-3 of your interests, hobbies, or something you enjoy doing for fun after school or on the weekends.
How would someone in your family describe you? How would your friends describe you?
Who do you look up to in your life? Who are the people you admire — whether they’re celebrities, historical figures or people you know personally — why does this person inspire you?
Describe your high school experience thus far. Favorite subjects? Subjects you dislike? Feelings about school, etc.
Which CCDI pathway are you interested in?
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WHY are you interested in this career pathway. If you have other career interests, you can list those too!
What would you want a potential mentor to know about you?
What do YOU want from a potential mentor? What areas in your life could you used additional support or guidance OR what would you like to do with your mentor?
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