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Use this form to send our team a request for a guided backpacking trip or guided backcountry fishing trip. We respond to all inquiries as soon as we receive them. For a tour leaving within 48 hours please call!
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Level 1: 3-5 miles per day, less than 1000 feet elevation change on good trails. Level 2: 3-5 miles per day, up to 1500 feet of elevation change on good to rugged trails. Level 3: 5-10 miles, up to 2000 feet of elevation change on good to rugged trails. Level 4: 8-16 miles, up to 4000 feet of elevation change on rugged trails or off trail.
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Let us know about any pertinent medical info for each guest that may help our guides. Allergies, asthma, surgeries, etc. The more the better.
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Backpacking Backpack
Sleeping Pads
Trekking Poles
Sleeping Bags +$40 / person
Fly Fishing Gear + $100 / group
Lunches + $15 / person / day
Adult Beverage Service + $30 / person / night (2 drinks/p)
Adult Beverage Unlimited Package $50/person/night (~5 drinks/ p)
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