Engineering Deans' Advisory Board's 2019 Student Teaching Awards
Most professors help shape our careers, but the best professors can change our lives. To that end, EDAB is seeking nominations for your favorite professors for a 2019 Penn Engineering Teaching Award! This is a great way to show appreciation for professors that have enhanced your experience at Penn Engineering. Be sure to submit all nominations by Wednesday, Feb 27th, 2019 at 5PM.
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Professors can be nominated to multiple awards simultaneously. A description of each award can be found here:

The Hatfield Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Lecturer and Practice Professor Track will be given to a full-time lecturer, senior lecturer or practice professor in Penn Engineering. The award recognizes outstanding teaching ability, dedication to innovative undergraduate instruction, and exemplary service to the School in consistently inspiring students in the engineering and scientific profession.

The Ford Motor Company Award for Faculty Advising recognizes dedication to helping students realize their educational, career and personal goals.

The S. Reid Warren, Jr. Award is presented annually by the undergraduate student body and the Engineering Alumni Society in recognition of outstanding service in stimulating and guiding the intellectual and professional development of undergraduate students at the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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