ACT Citizenship Teaching Survey
This short survey is to gather views on Citizenship education. All information is given in confidence. Individuals will not be identified when findings are reported.

Information in this survey will help us continue to campaign for policies and resources to support high quality Citizenship.

In your opinion, how important is the subject of Citizenship education in schools and colleges today?
Not at all
In your opinion how important is Citizenship in your school or college?
Not at all
How is Citizenship currently provided in your school or college curriculum?
If you ticked 'other', please briefly describe.
Your answer
On average, how much teaching time per week does Citizenship receive in your school or college? *
0-30 minutes
30-1 hour
1-2 hours
More than 2 hours
Not applicable
Early Years
Key stage 1
Key stage 2
Key stage 3
Key stage 4
Post 16
Do you follow the DFE National Framework for Citizenship at key stages 1 and 2?
Do you follow the National Curriculum for Citizenship at key stages 3 and 4?
In your opinion, does the content in the National Curriculum of DFE primary framework for Citizenship provide sufficient breadth and depth for the subject?
No, not at all
Yes absolutely
If you replied 'No', briefly say what is missing?
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Do you think current provision of democratic education in schools and colleges prepares young people to vote (regardless of voting age)?
In your opinion, how might we best prepare young people to be ready to vote in all elections (regardless of voting age)
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Do you link teaching of Citizenship to the promotion of fundamental British values?
How confident are you in teaching any of the following as part of Citizenship?
Politics, democracy, parliament
Media/news lit
Law, human rights
Economy, finance
Not at all confident
Very confident
Do all pupils in your school or college get regular (at least twice a year) opportunities for participation in active citizenship?
Do you teach GCSE Citizenship Studies?
If yes, do you have any comments on the 2019 examinations for GCSE Citizenship Studies?
Your answer
Do you link Citizenship teaching with the opportunity to participate in National Citizen Service (NCS)?
In your opinion, is there clarity about how the subject of Citizenship compliments the new Relationship education requirements in your school or college?
If you said 'no', briefly describe the issue.
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What is the biggest challenge to Citizenship education in your school or college in the next academic year?
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