Are you an inventive tourist?
All of us have been or will be a tourist. But do you add to or take away from the place you visit?

You will find more quizzes on the homepage of the libraries of FCCT during September. If you fill in all quizzes and give your email address below, you can take part in a lottery during the National Library Days, 1-5 October 2018.

What kind of souvenir would a responsible tourist buy? *
An inventive tourist would travel to Lake Balaton by *
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What would a responsible tourist drink in Zirc, a city in Transdanubia? *
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How would you thank the boatman in a gondola boat in Venice? *
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What kind of clothing should you wear entering a house of worship or a church? *
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What, do you think, is the most environment friendy way to get around Budapest city centre? *
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What does a sunflower logo mean on the wall of a guesthouse in Hungary? *
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Try to figure out how long these environmentally friendly means of transport have been running in Buda! You will be surprised! *
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Children's Railway
Zugliget Chairlift
Cog-wheel Train
Buda Hill Funicular
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