IDC Briefing – How Can Enterprise Providers Nail Multicloud in Europe

Ten years in, cloud has changed everything. People used to purchase hardware, now they consume it. More than half of the infrastructure capacity in Europe will be going to Service Providers by 2020. All large IT buyers, from Betfair to HSBC, have a #cloudfirst strategy. They don’t want DVDs, they want the content. And this content is scattered in multiple services, on and off premise.

This richness of options is great for users, but it asks big, scary questions to everyone else. IT decision makers are fighting with lock-in risk, compliance and “API storms”.

Infrastructure vendors must ramp up their xSP business, combine with the right software platforms and fight off whitebox. Software and cloud services providers have to differentiate and stand out in the content overload.

How can providers help buyers in their Multicloud infrastructure journey? What role do European Code of Conducts play in this framework? Which software players are rapidly emerging – and in which segments? How can infrastructure providers navigate the 5,000-rich European xSP market? Do equipment consumption models change the game?

Please sign up below to join Giorgio Nebuloni and a team of IDC analysts on October 4th, 2017 at 16h30 at the Crowne Plaza London-Docklands, presenting highlights from the newly-launched IDC European Multicloud research agenda. It will be crucial input as you plan your activities for 2018.

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