Figgy Idol Survey 2
Please take a moment and offer your thoughts on this past season of Figgy Idol. I'm currently working to improve the Figgy Idol experience, and I want to know your ideas on how this can be done. Don't be afraid to be too honest; you can't hurt my feelings.
What season did you participate in? *
If you were a part of both, select the more recent season. If you've yet to participate in a season of Figgy Idol, select season 3.
What was your role? *
What was your favorite part of Figgy Idol? *
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What was your least favorite part of Figgy Idol? *
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How do you think we can improve our communication system? *
Email list? Blog? Specific discussion on the group? Or do the wall notifications work?
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What did you think about the prompts? *
Were they too hard? Limiting? Generic or uninspiring? Great? Did you have a favorite or least favorite prompt?
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What kinds of prompts would you like to see incorporated into future seasons of Figgy Idol? *
Don't get too specific as I won't be able to credit you. Is there a genre you'd like to see utilized? A fandom? Topic? A type of writing prompt? A prompt that focuses on a specific aspect of writing, such as detail?
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If you could choose how long you had to write your entry, what time frame would you give yourself? *
Be realistic; I can't be giving everyone six months to write a piece of flash fiction. Think on a timescale of days to weeks, not months.
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Did you like the rubric we used in season two? *
Why or why not? *
How could we improve it? Or should we do away with it altogether?
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If you could, would you like to help out at Figgy Idol? *
If yes, in what capacity?
Judging? Advertising? Reviewing or critiquing? Or do you have any other fun ideas? Leave your Figment user name in your explanation so I can get in touch with you if necessary. If you answered "no", leave this field blank.
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Overall, how do you think we can improve the experience of Figgy Idol? *
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