2013 Resource Fair Application Form
Please complete this form if you would like to apply to be an exhibitor at the Beacon Homeschool Support Groups 7th Annual Resource Fair. Tuesday, 7:00pm - April 23, 2013.
This fair is open to exhibitors that offer services specifically designed for home schoolers. Your registration is subject to final approval before admittance is accepted. Items with an asterisk are required fields. There is a $5 fee for vendors in the Resource Fair. Thank you.
*This year we will be having a condensed version of the booklet. The description of the service you provide will be used in the booklet. There will be no need to email a flyer. If you would like to have a logo printed, please email a .jpg (ONLY) file to aapburnham@yahoo.com
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Who is the contact person? *
Please indicate the name of the person to be contacted with questions.
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Who is the person(s) who will be manning your booth? *
Please indicate the name(s) of the person(s) who will be representing your organization at the booth.
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What is the phone number of the contact person? *
A cell phone is preferred in case of emergenc or last minute contact.
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Please use this space to describe specifically what you offer home schoolers. This description will be used for our booklet.
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Please indicate which category your organization falls under so that you can be positioned appropriately in our resource booklet.
Will you need an electrical outlet?
There are limited outlets. Please indicate so that you can be placed near an outlet. If no preference is given you will not be guaranteed an outlet.
Our Resource Booklet will be condensed this year. The description you provided above will be used for the booklet. If you would like to have a logo included, please email a .jpg (ONLY) file to aapburnham@yahoo.com. If you have additional comments for us, please feel free to write them here. Thanks.
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