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Tell us about the program you would like to implement at the American Center. Please include program goals, questions you plan to discuss, possible outcomes and practical results.
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Please define the audience for your program, the number of expected participants including both the implementers and the audience.
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Please indicate preferred starting date, day of the week and time, as well as your timing flexibility. The American Center is open to public Monday-Friday 12-7:30 pm.
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If the program consists of a series of events or reoccurring meetings/workshops/classes/lectures, please provide an illustrative schedule (i.e. two-hour discussion every other Thursday, 5-7pm, for 2 months). Please provide the topics and briefly describe each session. From our expericence workshops usually last around 1.5 hours.
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Please indicate the technical support you need for your program or event. ** Please note that not all technology requests may be accommodated.
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