6th Grade Coed Soccer 2019
Health Form Information - Important
Please note that in addition to completing this form your child must have two health forms on file BEFORE playing sports:
- Annual Health History (completed by parent every year)
- Physical (from the doctors offie, at some point during grade 5-8)
Students cannot begin playing until we have these forms on file.
If you don't know if we have these forms on file, please email our school nurse, Gretchen, at gretchen.kuhn@fivetowns.net
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Uniform Agreement (Students are responsible for returning sport uniforms at the end of the season. If a uniform is not returned within two weeks of the end of the season, the student will be charged for the uniform. By clicking "Accept", I confirm I have read and accept this uniform agreement). *
Health Forms: I understand that my child needs the following health paperwork to participate: a a physical form on file from some time between grade 5-8 (completed by a doctors office), and an ANNUAL health history form (completed by parents.) *
Important information for families of students who do not attend CRMS.
If your child does not attend CRMS, but lives in the towns of Camden or Rockport, they can be considered to play on our team if we have sufficient space. Parents of a child in this category must contact the athletic director Matt Smith at matthew.smith@fivetowns.net in order to request a place on our school team.
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