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Most students are required to take 4.0 credits of math. Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II are required and Algebra I is a prerequisite for all other math classes. Students should consider which option is best for them. On the Recommended graduation plan, once a student completes Algebra II, they cannot go back and take Math Models. Pre-Calculus would be required for the 4th year math in that situation. This does not apply to students graduating on the Foundation Graduation Plan. The Pre-Calculus sequence is considered more difficult. Students should also consider what the entrance requirements are for the colleges of their choice, some colleges require Pre-Calculus. If you passed HS Algebra in the eighth grade, you will take Geometry if your a freshman.
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Most students are required to take 4.0 credits of science. Biology and a lab science are both required for graduation.
Incoming Freshman who passed their 8th grade Science STAAR will take Biology. Incoming Freshman who failed their 8th grade Science STAAR will take IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) their Freshman year and Biology their Sophomore year. For the Recommended plan, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are required. For the Foundation plan, Biology and a lab science are required. For the STEM endorsement, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are required. For the Multidisciplinary Studies endorsement Biology is required and Chemistry or Physics.
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Most students take World Geography as a freshman and World History as a sophomore. Students on the Multidisciplinary endorsement will need to take both World Geography and World History. Junior year students will take US History, which is a STAAR tested subject.
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Each student will need to take a total of 7 classes. Most students will take 4 core classes and 3 elective classes. Most Freshman will take English I, Algebra I, Biology, World Geography, PE, a Fine Art class (Art, Music, Digital Art or 3D Animation) and an elective of their choosing. Most sophomores will take English II, Geometry, Chemistry, World History, and three electives of their choosing. Course descriptions of all electives are below and here: The following courses are required for graduation: 1 credit of PE, 1 credit of a single fine art, 2 credits in the same foreign language, and .5 credit of speech.
Elective Course Selection
Select your top 8 electives that you wish to take, 1 -being the elective that you want the most. Example: 1 - Foundations of Personal Fitness (PE), 2 - Principals of Human Services, 3 - Game Design, 4 - Art Appreciation, 5 - Money Matters, 6 - Psychology, 7 - Digital Design, 8 - Sociology.
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Students must select an endorsement to go along with their personal graduation plan. If you do not have a personal graduation plan completed, please notate that in the question below. Information about the endorsements can be found here: and
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