Share Your Vision for Van Lierop Park
As Puyallup begins to imagine the future of Van Lierop Park (13407 80th St E.), we want to know: what do you want to see at your new park? Your input will be invaluable as we imagine a spectacular future for this amazing site. Thank you for taking the time to answer the short survey below.

When you think about the future of Van Lierop Park, what do you see people—kids, seniors, parents, etc—doing there? What kind of experiences are they having? What kinds of memories are they making?
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Do you have any particular memories of the Van Lierop Bulb Farm—plants, activities, people, animals, views, events—that you would like others to experience and see echoed in the design? Are there important histories that we should honor at Van Lierop Park?
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What are the best things about the site that we should capitalize on in the design?
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How important are these potential program elements to you at Van Lierop Park?
Most importance
Medium importance
Low importance
Do not want at this park
Soccer fields
Baseball/softball fields
Lacrosse fields
Multipurpose Fields (e.g. a baseball outfield may overlap with a soccer field)
Basketball courts
Tennis/futsol courts
Volleyball courts
Community gardens
Walking/biking trail connecting to the Foothills and RIverwalk Trails
Picnic areas
Covered pavilion
Screening out adjacent land uses
Dog Park
Please feel free to share any thoughts about why you prioritized program elements the way you did.
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If there was one key to making a successful park at the Van Lierop site, what would it be?
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Do you live in the CIty of Puyallup or from a surrounding community?
Thank you for your input. Over the coming months, we will be hosting public open houses and events to share various options for the park. If you would like to stay informed about the project, please add your email address below.
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