Zendesk Support - iPad EAP
Early access to the new iPad app (iOS Universal) for Zendesk Support
What's this all about?
To provide great support on-the-go, we believe agents need access to the newest Zendesk features and with an app optimized for the device. The current iPad app does not offer these capabilities.

This EAP will extend the latest iOS capabilities and features to iPad, enabling a "Universal" iOS experience for both your iPhone and iPad.

For example, the new app will run on your iPhone to provide quick access to tickets on-the-go, and also on your iPad, to make use of the larger screen, the latest iOS design patterns and eventually features like multi-tasking, drag 'n drop, file handling, and gestures.

Is this available to everyone?
Yes - this beta is available to any Support customers.

The only pre-requisites to be part of this beta:
- you're an existing Zendesk Support customer
- you're a user of the Zendesk iPad or iPhone app

This being an Early Access Program, are there limitations with the product?
Yes. This is a beta app, so please expect bugs, unfinished design and general issues. However - we'll release regular updates with improved features, design and enhancements - therefore we ask for your patience, and plenty of feedback.

To manage expectations:

- The initial experience will mirror the iPhone feature set
- Reporting and insights, multi account will not be part of the EAP but will follow in post-launch updates.

What is expected of me?
We're looking for teams who provide support on the go or predominantly using the iPad. We'd like you to use this app in place of the current iPad app, and provide frequent feedback on the User Experience, Design, Bugs and any feature requests.

You'll be invited to our dedicated Slack channel where you can ask questions from our Product Manager and Designer and start discussions our in iPad Community pages. We may reach out to schedule some 1:1 sessions over video call.

There are a few things we ask:

1. Provide feedback on the app, ease of use and user experience
2. Report any bugs or issues
3. Be open to working closely with us, initially and ongoing through this EAP
4. Willingness to get it wrong, in order to make it better

Ready to take part?
Please complete the entire form and you will be added to the EAP list. Once confirmed, you will receive an email with confirmation and access to our feedback forums:

- a dedicated customer slack channel for instant feedback or questions
- an iPad EAP community to start discussions with fellow customers
- when ready for distribution, you'll receive the iPad beta app through Apple's beta platform "TestFlight"

All you have to do is fill in some information and you're ready to go!

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