Civitai Feedback 2024
We want to move the community in the right directions this year and to do that, we need your feedback. Please take a few minutes to check out our article that talks about the topics mentioned below and then take this survey to let us know what you think about each decision.

Only your Civitai Username is required. The rest of the questions are optional, skip as many as you want. The questions are divided into sections that mirror the topics discussed in the article.
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How much of the article did you read?
None of it
All of it
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Ads + Pay for Ad-free
Which Ad Locations would you Hate?
How much Buzz would you pay to have 100,000 people would see your ad?
For example, at the top of the models or images feed.
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What should we display in the placeholders when someone is blocking ads?
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Creators Program
What should the platform fee be?
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Should the platform fee be reduced upon meeting certain engagement milestones?
How should we handle Creator Program applications?
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Should we allow Invite Only Hives?
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Should resources posted to an Invite Only Hive be private?
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Should X-Rated Content be limited to X-Rated Hives and Models?
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Should we offer Hive Upgrades similar to Discord Boosting?
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Donation Goals
Which Donation Goal or Tip Locations do you Hate?
As a creator, how would you like to use Donation Goals?
What Donation Goals would you support?
Nexus Mods Style Download Speed Limits
Should we have download limits?
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Paid Generation
Does the concept of charging-up the generator make sense?
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How much daily free charge-up should we give each day?
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Civitai Link
Do you currently use Civitai Link alpha?
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What features of Civitai Link are you interested in?
Not Interested
Very Interested
One-click resource adding
Stand-alone application
Disk space management
Managing on the go
Cloud offloading
Additional storage
Even faster downloads
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Should we offer a free tier?
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Membership Tiers
Which tier would you buy?
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What's most appealing about the tier you selected?
Should we name them something different than Bronze, Silver, and Gold?
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Which cosmetics are you interested in?
Not Interested
Kinda Interested
Very Interested
Profile Background
Creator Card Background
Avatar Decoration
Content Frame
Custom Creator Badges
Clear selection
Should content frames be limited use?
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Should certain cosmetics be limited to paying members?
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Custom Creator Badges
What other cosmetics would you want to be able to create?
Should we limit the number Custom Creator Badges? 
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Any additional thoughts?
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