SASP2019 Abstract Submission Portal - symposia only
Welcome to the Social of Australasian Social Psychologists 2019 Conference abstract submission portal (for symposia submissions only). SASP 2019 will be held at UNSW Sydney, on April 25th-27th inclusive (Thursday to Saturday).

This form is for the submission of symposia abstracts only. To submit a symposium abstract, please be prepared to submit here (1) an abstract for the symposium as a whole, and (2) all individual abstracts for the symposium speakers (4-5 speakers). We will also ask you to nominate a chair for the symposium.

If your symposium is unsuccessful, we will consider all speakers for individual talks. If you have come here by mistake and instead wanted to submit an abstract for an individual talk, poster, or datablitz talk (and not a symposium), do not use this form. Instead, the form you are after is accessible here:

Any questions? Email Khandis Blake from the SASP 2019 Conference Organising Committee at

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