Bright-Minded Behavioral Questionnaire
Please complete the answers below as you consider it appropriate for YOU, as close as possible to reality. There are no right or wrong answers, only answers that are suitable to you.
Please respond with the first answer that is coming into your mind. Remember that the accuracy of your responses will be reflected in your final report.
Try to avoid the intermediate score/answer "3" which expresses uncertainty. Only use it in cases where you can't answer otherwise.

Considered to be a learning tool, this feedback can be a valuable first step to increase efficiency in the workplace.

There is no time limit, still, the completition should not take longer than 12-15 minutes.

1 - Never
2 - Rarely
3 - Sometimes
4 - Usually
5 - Always


For any questions, you may have, ask your consultant.
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1. Accommodate easily in various work environments.
2. Solve problems in new and unconventional ways.
3. Speak and act without prejudgment and stereotypes.
4. Leads the team towards setting goals that fill up the mission of the organization.
5. Establish priorities and approach tasks appropriately.
6. Up to date with the latest news in the field.
7. Kindly and agreeable.
8. Have and express an unshakable belief in skills owned.
9. Take risks in order to achieve goals or succeed.
10. Show an overwhelming enthusiasm, which helps others to adopt a positive attitude.
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