Girls Camp 2022 - Registration and Permission
Registration and Parental Consent Form for Young Women and Leaders attending Camp.
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Code of Conduct
As a participant at High Adventure, I agree to the following:

- I will show respect for the property of the camp facility as well as the property of all other camp participants  
- I agree to be respectful in my demeanor, language and actions toward adult leaders and all other young women.
- Staying up all night (pulling an all-nighter) will no longer be allowed at camp for ANY levels.  I agree to follow this rule, and I will go to sleep at the time indicated on my schedule.
- I recognize that High Adventure is a place to develop a testimony of Jesus Christ, build friendships and learn leadership skills.  It is not a place to foster and develop physical relationships.  Any flirting or romantic physical touch is not appropriate.
- I agree to follow the guidelines found in Standards For Youth in my dress, behavior, and language while participating in all activities at High Adventure.  "When you are well groomed and modestly dressed, you invite the companionship of the Spirit and you can be a good influence on others" - SFY
- I agree to participate in all the activities to the best of my ability.  
- I agree to pair off in groups of three or more if I ever need to leave the larger group
- As a youth participant, I agree to leave my cell phone and electronic devices at home while at High Adventure

I understand that a violation of any of the agreements may result in a loss of camp participation.  
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Parental Consent
I give my permission for myself or my child to participate in the Young Women Camp of the Carrollton Texas Stake. In case of medical emergency, I understand that every effort will be made to contact parents/guardians or my emergency contact. In the event that a parent/guardian/emergency contact cannot be reached, I hereby authorize the adult leaders supervising this activity to administer emergency treatment to the above-named participant for any accident or illness, and to act in my stead in
approving necessary medical care. This authorization shall cover this activity and travel to and from this activity. I hereby agree to release the Carrollton Stake and Ward Leaders from any and all claims for liability arising from participation in this activity and program, including any liabilities from coronavirus, and hold the Stake and Wards harmless from all expenses, costs, and claims in connection with any injury.
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