Church Attendance Form | March 21st
We are now allowed up to 25% of our capacity! (75 people!)
**Deadline for Submission is this Friday, 9AM
*** If you don't make the list this week, we will bump your name to the top of the list for next week!
**** We will notify you Friday 11AM if you have a spot for Sunday.
Name (First and Last Name) *
How Many In Your Party (Including Yourself) *
***** For Regulation reasons we have to take the names of all people coming into the church. This way should an attendee contract Covid19 we would be able to provide the congregation and the government proper information on who to contact.
Names of People in your party *
In case of an outbreak within the church we need to keep a record of your email and contact number.

We only need one contact information for each party.
Email *
Phone Number *
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