PADI 2020 Affiliate Tournament Registration
As a Reminder, when you register, you will need the following information
~ Your team's membership number
~ Your (team manager's) name and contact information
~ Your team's Member/Organization Name (This can be found in your DI Team Account)
~ Your team's name (this is what you team likes to call themselves, which is optional)
~ Your team's competition level
~ The names and grade levels of each team member
~ The name and email address of your required adult appraiser
~ The name and email address of your adult volunteer

Registrations MUST be completed by February 21, 2020.

Please remember that this year, PADI teams must follow the PADI/PACPS and Destination Imagination, Inc. Youth Protection Policies. These documents can be found on the PADI Policies and Procedures page:
Verify Youth Protection Policy compliance *
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