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Here's the foreign sales page for Ely cosplay set . The only acceptable payment method would be Paypal, sorry for the inconvenience. Flexible price may occur due to variable postage in different areas, so after receiving order forms , we will send you a letter informing the total amount. Please fill out the following form carefully. Thank You ^^

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Ely - TsunoSyoujo WASOU cosplay photobook set.How many sets? 欲購買套組數量 /TWD.1200
TsunoSyoujo WASOU -original 
Set Detail : book B5 / Full color / 64 Pages / with Ely's sign
CD-ROM / 4 postcards / Special Offer.
Sample Website►https://yinye13.wixsite.com/eely2017

【歌姬-UtahimE】cosplay photobook set.How many sets? 欲購買套組數量 /TWD.800
Book Detail : book B5 / Full color / 48 Pages / with Ely's sign
3 postcards / 3posters/
Sample Website►https://yinye13.wixsite.com/eely2017
【Steam E;den】 Ely steampunk cosplay photobook set. How many sets? 欲購買套組數量 /TWD.1000
containing two photobooks ,four character gold cards ,cos card with special package.
Book Detail : 18x18cm / Full color / 32 Pages / (one set has two books)
包含 2本寫真書 + 典藏角色金卡4入 + 特製火漆封蠟信封包裝 +角色名片
Sample Website►http://yinye13.wixsite.com/ely-steampunk
Ely x【Sinon only II】2photobook +CD-RM full set.How many sets? 欲購買套組數量 /TWD.1800
2photobook + 1 CD-ROM +10postcards +1name card♦包含2本寫真書 + 一份CD-ROM + 10張明信片+ 1張名片
Sample Website►http://yinye13.wix.com/ely-sinon
Ely x【Sinon only II】
Ely x【Izayoi Sakuya】photobook set.How many sets? 欲購買套組數量 /TWD.1200
1photobook + 1 CD-ROM +3postcards ♦包含1本寫真書 + 一份CD-ROM + 3張明信片
Sample Website►http://yinye13.wix.com/elysakuya
Ely x【Izayoi Sakuya】photobook+Pocket watch set.How many sets? 欲購買套組數量 /TWD.2000
1photobook + 1 CD-ROM +3postcards + Pocket watch(with sculpture sign) ♦包含1本寫真書 + 一份CD-ROM + 3張明信片 + E子親手刻字懷錶吊飾
Sample Website►http://yinye13.wix.com/elysakuya
Pocket watch set
Ely x 【Sinon only】 cosplay set. How many sets? 欲購買套組數量 /TWD.700
1photobook + 1 CD-ROM+Special Offer. ♦包含詩乃寫真書+CR-ROM+特典
Sample Website►http://foryinye.wix.com/eeelyeee
Ely x【 Touhou Red Maple】cosplay set. How many sets? 欲購買套組數量 /TWD.800
1photobook + 1 CD-ROM+ 2postcards. ♦包含寫真書+CR-ROM+3張明信片
Sample Website►http://yinye13.wix.com/eeelyeee
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