Market research of rock stress measurement and testing services
This research is conducted by SMCOY, the Finnish Stress Measurement and Testing Company, who has developed a new reliable technology to measure rock stress.

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The Stress Measurement Company

Geotechnical information
How important is the following information in your project?
Not interested
Less important
Very important
Laboratory rock strength
In situ rock stress
Monitoring of rock displacements
Rock mechanics 3D modelling
Benefits of a full geotechnical package
If you were offered a full package to monitor and predict your mine rock mass behaviour, how would you value it?
Captionless Image
Not much monetary value
Little monetary value
Some monetary value
Significant monetary value
Benefits in safety
Less ore dilution (less pillars)
Less ore in pillars
Reduced support costs
What is your estimate of the achieved savings that this full geotechnical service package could yield in your project? Think of a one year period of time.
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