2019 Staff/Volunteer Reference Form
You have been selected as a reference by an individual applying for employment at Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp. It is our desire to hire a staff that is trustworthy, ethical, hardworking, fun and most importantly have a genuine love for God. Please evaluate the applicant as you have seen him/her in daily life. Your opinions and feedback will become part of the applicant’s confidential file.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Program Director Nick Loubert at (231)-889-5911 or nick@portagelake.org. Learn more about Portage Lake at portagelake.org.

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9. Who would benefit more from the applicant's time at Portage Lake, the applicant or the campers? Why? *
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10. Would you feel comfortable leaving your own child in the care of the applicant?
11. Please select ALL qualities that describe the applicant's WORK HABITS. *
12. Please select ALL qualities that describe the applicant's LEADERSHIP ABILITY AND STYLE. *
13. Please select ALL qualities that describe the applicant's SOCIAL INTERACTION with peers and adults. *
14. Please select ALL qualities that describe the applicant's PERSONALITY. *
15. Please select ALL qualities that describe the applicant's EMOTIONAL STABILITY. *
16. Please rate the applicant in the following areas, comparing the applicant to other people his or her age. *
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Rapport with kids
Decision making
Team Participation
First impression
Servant Heart
Spiritual Maturity
Christian Values
17. Please rate the presence of the following in the applicant. *
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Never Apparent
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Critical Attitude
18. List two words that best describe the applicant. *
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19. What is the greatest strength of the applicant? *
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20. What is one area you would encourage the applicant to grow in? *
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21. Is there any other information that would be helpful to Portage Lake in considering the applicant for employment? *
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22. Overall, do you recommend the applicant for a position at Portage Lake? *
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23. Thank you for sharing your input on this applicant. By typing your name below, you are verifying that the information listed previously is true to the best of your knowledge. *
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