Parade Vendor Application
Deadline - July 1st

Vendor Fee - $75

To see map of the parade rout click here:


How many people annually attend the parade?

There are approximately 250,000 potential customers each year!

What can I sell?

Commercially or hand prepared food and drink items are always popular.  Other successes include novelty items such as flags, wands, hats, and bracelets.  Companies wishing to hand out coupons or fliers advertising their products or services must be licensed vendors.

Where can I sell?

The venue for parade vending is the area between the sidewalks that parallel the parade route.  Only licensed vendors are allowed to sell IN FRONT of the parade attendees.

Can I set up a booth?

No.  A vendor must walk in front of the parade attendees.  There are also no electrical outlets available.

What will be my assigned route?

Vendors are assigned areas along the parade route based upon their application date and the items being sold.  We do our best to make sure vendors selling the same item do not have overlapping routes.  If you sell a unique item, you may be assigned the entire parade route!  

How many employees can I have on the parade route?

There is no limit.

Why would I want to sell the night before the parade?

Hundreds of parade attendees arrive after 6:00pm the night before the parade to reserve seats along the route.  The City of Provo requires that someone must be present at all times once the attendees decide on a location.  That is a long time to be without pizza and soda!

Where would I be able to sell the night before the parade?

The City of Provo only allows parade attendees to reserve seats along University Ave the night before the parade.  Vendors are restricted to this area.

How do I carry everything along the parade route?

Our most successful vendors set up refilling stations along their assigned routes.  These stations (trucks or cars) are usually parked on the roads adjacent to the parade route.  Remember, you will have to cross a number parade attendees to get to them.  Most vendors use wagons to carry their items while on the parade route.  Please make sure the wagons are “low-profile” so as not to block the parade attendees' view.

Can I use motorized vehicles on the parade route?

License vendors may use motor vehicles on the parade route after 6:00pm the night before the parade until 6:00am on University Ave and 6:15am on Center St on the day of the parade.  All vendor vehicles are required to be clear of the parade route before the Freedom Run starts.

How much can I make as a parade vendor?

That depends are a number of variables:  what you are selling, how well it sells, how many employees are on the route, etc.  However, we have have numerous youth groups consistently make over a $1000 each year.

After I fill out the application and pay my vendor fee what's next?

There will be a mandatory vendor meeting the Thursday evening before the parade in Provo's Memorial Park located at 750 E Center St.  Route assignments and  vendor identification will be handed out and any questions that you might have will be addressed.  All other communication will be handled by email

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