Site Sign-up for the 2017 Climate Change Game Jam
This form is for sites interested in participating remotely in the Climate Change Game Jam, funded by the Government of Ontario, on March 18-19. This form can also be used by individuals or families who don't have a site but want to get involved! By signing up, we will then send you the links to the live briefing with representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change at 9AM EST on Saturday, March 18 and will send other content to help you get started, and the information about how to submit your ideas and prototypes to on Sunday, March 19!

We will send you another form ahead of time for you to provide a count of attendees, to provide us with any e-mail addresses of people who would like to be kept up to date, and to highlight any of the games from your site that you felt were intriguing. This information is important for the next stages of the project and for understanding how many people were involved.

After filling out this form, then you will want to advertise your site. You will be able to indicate in this form if you want us to list your site name, location, and a contact e-mail address, which we will post on our BGNlab blog. You will then run the jam on March 18-19 - we will send out our structure, but you can run your site however you would like. We will record the livestreamed briefing, so that you will be able to watch it later if your site is not ready by 9am EST on Saturday. We encourage you to build time into the jam for people to upload their ideas - we are doing that Sunday afternoon with an hour to document and upload content to before we move on to sharing our work with each other. You can find suggestions on how to host a Game Jam at

If you are a College or University student near Brantford, Ontario, we would encourage you to join us in person. You will be able to meet other students from the area, and will be able to apply for one of 12 paid summer positions to develop some of these games at the BGNlab. Note that you can apply for these positions only if you attend the jam in Brantford - remote jammers are not eligible. You can learn more about the Brantford site at and sign up through a link in that BGNlab blog post.

If you have questions, contact Scott Nicholson, director of the Game Design & Development Program at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario at

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