ICF International Student Friendship Partner Sign-Up
This form is for UTD International STUDENTS to sign up.

If you are a UT-Dallas (UTD) student 18 years or older, and would like an American Friendship Partner (FP) assigned to you, please read and complete this form.

An American Friendship Partner is just that, a person who wants to be a friend to one or more international students. Most often they will be out of school and working. We ask them to be in contact with you at least once a week by phone, text or email and to try and get together with you at least once a month. Some will be willing to do much more.

Invite your FP to events on campus, especially international/multicultural events.

A Matching Party is scheduled on Sunday afternoon, September 16th, to meet your American Friendship Partner. This is the easiest time to meet your FP and get acquainted. If you cannot come to the Matching Party, be sure to let your FP know that ahead of the party so they won't be sitting and waiting for you. Most Americans consider it offensive to agree to meet someone and then not keep that appointment.

If we are able to recruit your FP before the Matching Party, you will receive an email with the American’s name and contact information and information about the scheduled Matching Party where you will meet your FP. If your FP is unable to attend the Matching Party, they will contact you to set up a meeting. You should expect that email about a week before the Matching Party.

When you receive an email with contact information about your American FP, send an email or text to your FP letting them know you are looking forward to meeting them.

VERY IMPORTANT: Attend the Matching Party on September 16th, or if you are unable to attend, let your assigned FP know before the party so that you both can agree on another meeting time. Most Americans consider it offensive to agree to meet someone and then not keep that appointment.

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