Rewilding Backyards Participant Form
Are you an individual or family with a garden at home, a private company or government agency, a school or individual with owned or permitted space where you can plant at least 1-2 native trees, and can commit to taking care of them and submitting quarterly photos/documentation of their growth?

Join the challenge and take part in Philippine Parks & Biodiversity and Philippine Native Tree Enthusiast's Rewilding Backyards program! Mainstream our Philippine Native Trees right at your very backyards!

All Tree Adopters will be aggregated and showcased into a platform and will be part of the Rewilding Backyards Facebook Group. This is part of the Generation Restoration Movement for the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration where urban cities are part of the ecosystems to restore and rewild.

Tree Adopters will be able to show progress, be part of this movement, earn badges for progress made, and be acknowledged in several platforms. Moreso, we inspire a movement of bringing back biodiversity and life, first in Metro Manila then beyond!

**The seedlings for this program will be from a small, local native nursery managed by a PNTE Member who propagates her own seedlings.
**Seedling costs indicated includes cost of actual native tree seedling, and a small margin is added split between PNTE and PH Parks & Biodiversity for its conservation and education programs.

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Location of where to plant (Specific village, city) *Phase 1 is limited to Metro Manila residents/participants *
Delivery address of the seedlings (Participant to shoulder cost of seedlings and also the delivery charge within Metro Manila) *
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By filling up the form, you agree to take care of the seedlings for the next 3 years. *
By filling up the form, you confirm that the seedling will be planted in a secure area where it can be taken care of. *
By filling up the form, you agree to submit quarterly photos/documentation for the first and second year from the date planted (on the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th month from date of purchase) *
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