Workshop by CUAHSI : Tools for Water Data Recovery, Publication and Collaboration
Cutting edge research surrounding interdisciplinary topics such as the food-energy-water nexus requires a combination of finding, managing, and analyzing data from multiple sources. This challenge has led the National Science Foundation to make strategic investments in developing community data tools that focus on water data because it is a central need for many of these research topics. CUAHSI (The Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc.) is a non-profit organization funded by the National Science Foundation to aid students, researchers and educators in using and managing data to support their research in water resources.

This hands-on workshop will demonstrate data tools and resources that are available through the CUAHSI community that could help students, researchers, and educators discover new data, publish data, or collaborate with others around data and models. Participants will be guided through an activity that uses CUAHSI-supported tools and focuses on one water and energy related case study. Participants should get their laptops.

Date : March 2nd, 2017
Time : 5-7 pm
Location : Building 4, Room 231, MIT, Cambridge

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