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Cede is a community organization that started from a thesis project questioning post-colonialism in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Cede is a research and design house aimed to educate businesses on indigenizing social impact efforts and connecting them with knowledge holders of these ways to build relationships.

We partner with organizations, communities, and movements to develop unique humanistic-curriculum, certification, research, and design approaches to CSR, where the party/relationship is the focus instead of the metrics.

The Cede platform is projected to launch in Spring 2022, in the meantime, our efforts will go towards BIPOC education and storytelling on social media.

All information provided on this form will be used for internal outreach such as greeting you appropriately to see if you're interested in collaborating.
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The term “colonized Other” refers to those who suffered European colonization, disenfranchisement, and dispossession. The term colonized Other emphasizes the fact that these communities still suffer scientific colonization as well as colonization of the mind. It is part of Cede’s mission to advocate for these communities to have the platform to freely speak about their aboriginal conceptional frameworks and the injustices being done to their community if they choose so. /Source: Chilisa, Bagele. Indigenous Research Methodologies
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