2021 Willow Tree Tutoring Session Reports
Please use this form to fill out your reports.

-Session Reports are DUE within 48 hours of EACH session.

-Session Reports serve as your time sheet and will be compared with your invoice at the end of the month. If they do not match, there will be a delay in your check.

-Session Reports are sent to BOTH me AND the families, so please double check that all of the information is accurate and contains correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules. This includes things like extra spaces between words and periods, "text talk" such as "thru", and capitalization. If you are doing the reports on your phone and using a speech to text software, these things tend to happen quite often, so again, please double check your reports before sending them in!

-Session reports can be as long as you like, but should be a MINIMUM of 3-5 sentences long. Anything shorter than that is not doing the best that you can for that family or that student.

-Keep in mind that these reports are supposed to be honest, but also positive and encouraging. Remember, these reports are sent to the families, so we want to make sure we leave them feeling optimistic and excited!
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