Syracuse Comic Con-Marketplace Application
This form is your application to sell at Syracuse NY Comic Con. If your application is approved a representative from Syracuse NY Comic Con will contact you directly with a formal contract to become a registered seller at the event. All of the Terms & Conditions for the event are located below. Rules and regulations may be subject to change, any registered sellers with the event will be contacted directly should the rules and regulations change.
Event Location & Date:
SCC will be hosted on October 13th at the NYS Fairgrounds; in the Center of Progress Building Located Near Chevy Court. The event will be hosted from (10:00 AM to 07:00 PM). Load in times will be addressed further through E-Mail.

All sellers will be provided a 8 foot table, two chairs, and two passes to the event. Any additional passes or chairs can be requested via E-Mail after seller approval.

The classifications and prices laid out below are to help you determine whether you will sell as an Artist, Vendor, or Other:

Artists: sellers that create or alter more than 50% of their merchandise.
Price: $60 for one table, $100 for two, 130 for three

Vendors: sellers that do not create or alter their merchandise.
Price: $80 for one table, $130 for two, $170 for three

Other: other organizations qualified as charities or nonprofits
Price: complete application and a representative will reach out to you

10 X 10 Blocks:
at this time we are working to see if our venue is compatible. If any seller is interested in spot of this type please reach out to us directly at our Facebook Page( ).

Terms & Conditions
Seller Regulations:
We ask all our vendors to please follow our regulations in order to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

1.Courtesy to the patrons, other sellers, or staffs. We wish to create a friendly and enjoyable environment for all who are attending our event.
A: No aggressive selling, poaching customers from other vendors, loud music or other distracting noise..
B: No sexual, verbal, or physical harassment of guests, other sellers, staff, and/or patrons

2: The following are prohibited from sale or promotion at SCC
A: Products or services deemed as explicit or illegal (such as pornography, excessive gore, drugs or drug paraphernalia)
B: No selling of stolen or plagiarized works or property.

3. Displays & Table Limitations- All table displays must:
A: Be no taller than twelve feet from the floor
B: Must not reach out more than one foot past the width of the table, or any further than two feet beyond the table front
C: All of this is in place to avoid conflicts with other tables, and to ensure a walkway free of hazards for our patrons
D: Staff may consult your booth regarding your table display on the day of the event should any problem following these regulations be seen

Tables will be limited, and will be provided on a first come basis. If any sellers drop we will notify all vendors via a wait list. PLEASE NOTE: Failure to cooperate with Syracuse NY Comic Con's regulations or failure to pay will result in loss of the reserved spot. Said spot will be given to the next available seller.

Electricity, Wireless, and Parking:
At this time we are still working with our partners at the NYS Fair to see if Electricity, WiFi, and/or Parking will be available for the event, as such we have provided it as an option in our form but can't provide confirmation at this time.

Taxes & Permits:
Syracuse NY Comic-Con requires that all sellers hold responsibility for the collection & payment of any sales tax collected from their sales sold at our event. All sellers must also have present any licenses, permits, identification numbers, or approvals required by federal, state, or local laws applicable to its venture during Syracuse NY Comic-Con.

Refunds & Lost Property
Refunds may be requested anytime following contract completion. Refunds requested before 09/29/2018 will be refunded in full. Any refunds requested between 09/29/2018 and 10/10/2018 will receive a 50% refund. Any refunds requested 10/10/2018 will not be honored. Please note that any seller asked to leave during the event for a failing to comply with our regulations will not be offered a refund.

Lost or Damaged Property
Syracuse NY Comic-Con will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items during set-up or the event. Any lost, stolen, or damaged property claims should be directed towards the seller’s insurance company.

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