OSGA 2019 Spring Congress - Leadership Application
The following positions are open for Spring Congress. To apply for a position, you must be able to attend the entire Spring Congress (March 8 - 10th) and attend a brief orientation meeting prior to the start of Congress. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Vice President Dansby at dansbyt@nsuok.edu.


Congress Vice Chair - This position shall preside over Congress in the absence of the Vice President. Extensive knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order is required.

Floor Leader - This position shall work in conjunction with the Vice President in selecting which legislation will be heard on the floor, and in what order. This position will require a large time commitment and will consist of several late nights.

Secretary - The Secretary works in conjunction with the Floor Leader to keep track of amendments, Orders of the Day, and other clerical matters.

Sergeant at Arms - This position will serve to help the Congress Chair keep order and decorum in chambers. If a delegate becomes unruly, you will escort them out of the chambers.

President's Clerk - The President’s Clerk works in conjunction with the Secretary by keeping track of time and drawing up lists (debate list and questions to the author).

Parliamentarian - The Parliamentarian should have an advanced understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order and be prepared to answer questions regarding proper procedure.

All assistant positions will work directly alongside whomever has been appointed to the position they are assisting. While different positions will necessarily have different expectations and duties for assistants, those serving in such a role should be prepared to takeover at any time as well as be present and ready to fulfill various job-related tasks.


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