Production Director Application

The Production Director is responsible for producing pre-recorded spots, zingers, legal IDs, PSAs, and grant spots. The Production Director is also responsible for ensuring that grant spots are aired correctly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Produce all promotional pieces to be aired according to the following guidelines:

a) there will be one (1) new promo produced each semester for each specialty music show currently airing on KRUI. Specialty music shows are those focusing on the concentrated airing of nothing but a specific music type. Examples would include blues, jazz, etc.

b) one (1) promotional spot will be produced to each event that KRUI is giving away tickets to view

c) one (1) promotional spot per month, per program, shall be produced to promote KRUI News, Sports, and other special programs

d) one (1) promo per special event or giveaway KRUI is involved with will be produced. Examples include Hancher plays, special album giveaways not related to a concert, and any live broadcasts

e) four (4) promotional spots shall be ready to air at least one week prior to the commencement of any event, concert, giveaway, or film, provided the Marketing Director received at least two weeks prior notice of the event from the General Manager or Program Director

f) all promotional spots will be produced for "Riverfest," the University of Iowa's annual spring event

g) all promotional spots shall adhere to the following production guidelines to ensure proper air quality:

i) keep music introductions under ten (10) seconds

ii) when producing a promo for a concert or event, clearly state KRUI's involvement with it

iii) when producing a promo for a specialty music show, state the day and time the show is aired with a brief description of what the show contains

iv) recorded levels must be between sixty and eighty percent (60-80%) modulation on the air studio transmitter board

v) the announcer must be clearly heard over any music on the promotional spot

vi) the last sentence spoken by an announcer on a promo should contain "KRUI," "Sound Alternative" (or the current slogan), or "89-7 FM"

vii) all music used on a promo spot must be clear, not muffled or dropping out

viii) any additional guidelines set forth by the Marketing Director must also be adhered to

h) the Program Director must approve the quality and content of all promotional spots before they are aired on KRUI. Rejected promotional spots do not count toward minimum monthly totals as outlined above.

2) Solicit production department volunteers to assist in production of promotional pieces. Schedule and conduct production studio training for volunteers.

3) Maintain organization of promo work orders and scripts for production volunteers to complete.

4) Devise, implement, and monitor a system to allow efficient use of production studio time.

5) Develop and maintain a community affairs sub-department:

a) public service departments to be typed weekly, rotated in and out of the air studio for disc jockeys to read

b) coordinate and staff public affairs programming\

c) in conjunction with the General Manager, Administrative Director, and News Director, maintain KRUI's Public File.

9) Hire necessary staff and see that they are properly trained to ensure Production / Community Affairs Department duties are completed without fail.

10) Evaluate Production / Community Affairs Department staff in accordance with Evaluation Procedures.

11) Ensure the that PSAs / Grant Spots / Promo spots are removed from rotation once the event has occurred.

12) Attend all management meetings.

13) Perform any other reasonable duties assigned by the General Manager.

14) The Production / Community Affairs Director is required to fulfill 10 hours of office time per week.

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