Registration: Sunshine Spiral Gratitude Challenge
We have a little summer experiment.
Our hypothesis: People could use more positivity this summer.
Our question: How long will it take a little spiral notebook to fill up with thank yous and return to

Supplies: little spiral notebooks, or little notebooks you make yourself
Directions to put inside the notebooks. (You will get those when you sign up)
A little time.

There are just 3 Simple Steps to spread some gratitude sunshine:

1. STOP & observe the people around you. (Have your spiral handy.)
2. When you see someone do something kind, for you or someone else, WRITE them a little thank you in your Sunny Spiral. Please include the date & place. (Optional, write your name.)
3. SHARE - #PassYourGratitudeON by giving this special someone the Sunny Spiral so they can read your note.
Now, it’s their turn to #PassYourGratitudeON and repeat Steps 1 - 3

Watch my short video on FB at:

FOLLOW us on social media. You can use the #PassYourGratitudeON #kindnessclubsuperstar
Twitter: @kindness_clubs
Facebook: Kindness Club Project
Instagram: kindnessclubproject

WHY 1,000 Thank Yous? See where the 1,000 Thank Yous Challenge began. WATCH the TEDxABQ Education Event encore live stream! Go to 330 to see Melinda's radical idea! See:

WATCH this news report:

Thank you for joining us! May the experiment begin!

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Sunshine Spiral Supplies: Purchase little notebooks or create your own! Important! Make sure to include the instructions from the guide you will get to download on the thank you page. : )
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