COVID-19中的兒童在線安全:全球經驗與地區協作 - 在線圓桌會議
COVID-19 impacts on daily life becomes a new normal, changes are also applying to the domain of child online protection. Children and young people have more time connecting to the Internet to play and learn, it also leads to a higher chance for them to be exposed to risks. For the 2020 roundtable, we are grateful to have the chance of having guest from INHOPE sharing with us the global situation about child online protection during the pandemic, as well as the global collaboration in better safeguarding the younger generation. We would like to invite you to join us for this roundtable, and love to hear your observations, practices as well as experiences on the topic.

COVID-19對日常生活的影響已成為一種新的常態,兒童在線保護的領域同時發生變化。兒童和青少年有更多的時間連接到互聯網玩樂和學習,這也導致他們有更多的機會接觸到風險。在2020年的圓桌會議上,網上支援協會 (eHelp Association) 很高興有機會邀請到來自INHOPE*的嘉賓,與我們分享全球兒童網絡保護的現狀,以及國際間的合作計劃,希望更好地保護年輕一代。 我們誠邀你參與圓桌的討論,並希望聽到您對這個話題的觀察,實踐和經驗。

* INHOPE is the leading global network combatting online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). The Network consists of 46 hotlines in 42 countries (as of June 2020)

Date & Time 日期與時間 :
10 Dec 2020 (Thu), 4 - 5 pm

Format 形式:
Zoom Conference (link will be shared after the confirmation of registration)
Zoom視象會議 (鏈接將在確認報名後分享)

Agenda 議程:
Please refer to

Language 語言:
The Sharing Session will be conducted in English, but please feel free to use the language you feel most comfortable for the Q&A session

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