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Thank you for expressing interest in being a volunteer with Melinated Moms! We always have volunteer opportunities as a community partner with our global network of businesses. Please complete this application and you will be contacted to participate in select volunteer opportunity.
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The Right Fit: Screening Questions for Volunteers
These questions help us determine which areas will work best with the needs and audience of our events. Please answer them completely. We want to provide the best volunteer experience by highlighting your strengths.
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Describe a time when you were given constructive criticism and how you applied it to your work in the future. *
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How comfortable are you with handling last minute changes? (1 is least comfortable; 5 is very comfortable) *
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Please check to complete your application: I understand this is a voluntary position and I will not be paid for my participation. I am a representative of Melinated Moms and the collaborative company/organization associated with this voluntary opportunity. My position as a volunteer can be terminated at any time by Melinated Moms or the collaborative company/organization associated with this voluntary opportunity. *
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