Registration for UUFA Religious Education Program 2017-18
Hello! Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this RE Registration Form. Your answers will help us understand the needs of your child(ren) for the 2017-2018 RE Program Year.

Our RE Classroom Teachers will receive a list of allergies and special needs that your child(ren) might have. We value your privacy and your information will be used only in connection with program needs of UUFA and will not be shared publicly.

You can enroll as many as 3 children on this form. If you need to register more than 3 children, please fill out a new form.

RE is a cooperative program that requires the gift of time and energy from many people. Because family engagement is so vital to the success or our program, all families are asked to volunteer in one or more capacities. Please check your preference(s) at the end of the registration.

If you need more information, or have questions, please contact Kelli McConnell, Coordinator of Religious Education at (706)-546-7914 or via email at

Thank you!

** Note: A new form is needed each year, so that we can track the needs of children currently active in RE. UUFA Membership is not required for registration in the Religious Education Program.

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