MJV Monarch Conservation Webinar: The Pillars of High Quality Pollinator Habitat Management
The form "MJV Monarch Conservation Webinar: Pillars of Habitat Management" is no longer accepting responses, but you can still attend the webinar using the information below.

To participate in the webinar, join us at 2PM EST on Thursday July 20th by using the following link at the time of the event: http://nctc.fws.gov/broadcasts/ and click on the "NCTC on LiveStream" image then “Monarch Butterfly Series”.

If you would like to participate in the LiveStream chat room during the webinar, you will need to create a LiveStream account by clicking on the green “Follow” button in the upper right hand corner of the Monarch Butterfly Series page.

For audio, please use your computer speakers or headphones. Captioning will be provided. If needed, at the start of the event, please open another web browser and go to: http://fedrcc.us//Enter.aspx?EventID=3319856&CustomerID=321

We look forward to your participation!
MJV/NCTC Webinar Team

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