Grades 4-12 Referral "General Intellectual Ability"
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"General Intellectual Ability" means possessing either the potential or demonstrated ability to perform at an exceptionally high level and possessing a consistently outstanding mental capacity as compared to children of one's age, experiences, or environment. Please describe the intellectual strengths that this student has demonstrated in the classroom.. *
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What things have been done in the classroom to challenge, motivate, or further develop these intellectual strengths? *
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Rarely or Not Observed
Demonstrates advanced vocabulary for age/grade; uses vocabulary in a meaningful way with full expression, elaboration, and fluency
Possess a wealth of information regarding a variety of topics (worldly or advanced topics for age)
Has advanced reasoning abilities, sees logical and common sense answers for problems; sorts through complicated material
Avid reader, prefers higher level or challenging books, may enjoy research through encyclopedias or autobiographies
Quick mastery and recall of facts
Keen observer and understands the deeper meaning within books, movies, etc...
Curious of how and why things work, asks probing questions, has insight into cause-effect relationships
Sees connections/recognizes patterns. Quickly finds similarities/differences in things, makes valid generalizations
Focuses on a particular topic or problem; persistent in completing a task
Becomes bored easily with routine
Displays fair judgment on others; concerned with right and wrong or moral decisions
Very organized and likes to create structure
Seems to be intrinsically motivated in work that provides interest
Self-critical; may display signs of perfectionistic tendencies
Likes to work independently
Interested in worldly problems, ex. politics, current events, religion, etc...
Self assertive; may show signs of stubborness
Asks many probing questions, sometimes to the point of aggravating others
Appears to have a deep sense of justice or correct others' wrongdoings
Able to accelerate or work one/two years above their age group
Seems to know things that have not been previously taught in the classroom
Benefits from a rapid rate of presentation
May refuse to do homework or what he/she considers "busy work"
Prefers a few close friends to many friends
Likes to observe before trying new activities
Thinks through ideas before sharing them with others
Requires time to think before responding
High energy level - physical, intellectual, and psychological
Asynchronous Development - discrepancies between physical, social, and intellectual development
Does this child have any special considerations that may mask his/her GT abilities? (Check all that apply)
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