Money “Next Steps”
When we finished our Money Talks series recently, we told you we would be offering help with taking the next step with your money. It’s one thing to know what you need to do, it is another to know how. Wherever you are on the journey with money, we want to help you take the “next step”. Some need help getting out of a debt hole, others need help with starting and keeping a budget, still others want to know how to build wealth for the future. Wherever we are along the journey, all of us need the “next step”. Our goal is to find out who needs what and use God’s Word, good tools, and community to help all of us win with money. Use the form below to raise your hand and say your interested in taking your “Next Step”. We will close this form out 3/28 and will be in touch with you shortly after that to set up "next steps".
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