SGA Assistant Treasurer Application 2019-2020
The Assistant Treasurer helps carry out the duties of the SGA Treasurer, which includes overseeing the allocation of SGA’s annual budget of over $400,000. The Assistant Treasurer will become the Treasurer the following year, who’s responsibility is ensuring that SGA’s funds are spent responsibly, approving SGA payroll, and overseeing the budgetary committees. Additionally, the Assistant Treasurer serves as a Co-chair of the Green Fund Committee, which provides funding opportunities for student-led environmentally sustainable pilot projects. All current second and third years are encouraged to apply. We apologize however the nature of the position excludes those in their first or fourth years at Grinnell.

Job Description (for Assistant Treasurer):
1. The Assistant Treasurer shall be trained by the Treasurer and aid in the completion of all the responsibilities for the office of Treasurer.
2. Co shall become the Treasurer in the event of a vacancy in the office of Treasurer.
3. Co shall be a member of the Student Programming Committee (SPC) and Budget Steering Committee (BSC).
4. Co shall become the Treasurer the following academic year.
5. Co shall be a co-chair of the Green Fund Committee

Description for Treasurer:
1. The Treasurer is obligated to seek advice on behalf of Campus Council and SGA Cabinet
about sensitive financial matters.
a. The Treasurer shall report at least twice a semester to Campus Council about the state
of SGA’s finances and relevant matters arising from meetings with the Office of
Accounting. In the first of these reports each semester, the Treasurer must provide a
full and detailed explanation of the Interim Allocations Committee activities.
b. Campus Council may request a report from the Treasurer at any time on any relevant
2. Co shall serve as fiduciary of SGA and shall report regularly on the financial status of SGA
3. The College Treasurer’s office shall serve as SGA’s accountant. The Office of Accounting
will carry out all monetary transactions approved by the SGA Treasurer’s office. Co shall
serve as the liaison between the two offices.
a. Co is required to meet with the Office of Accounting at least once every two weeks to
ensure SGA spending is sustainable for the semester and to ensure that College and
SGA policies are being followed.
b. If the Office of Accounting finds co to be violating College or SGA policies or finds
SGA spending to be unsustainable for the semester, such information must be
publicized to Campus Council and to the campus community.
4. Co shall have the authority to withhold funding from any committee, individual, or
organization with unsatisfactory financial records or receipts, or proposals that violate campus
policy and/or civil law. This authority may be exercised up until the financial records, receipts,
or remedies to policy violations meet the Treasurer’s satisfaction. If the funding is to be
transacted before the next Campus Council, an emergency meeting of Campus Council shall
be convened by the President. The Treasurer's decision to withhold funding may be appealed
to Campus Council which, by two-thirds approval, may overturn Cos decision.
5. Co shall train the Assistant Treasurer in all the responsibilities of the office of
Treasurer. During this training, co shall share information on all transactions with the
Assistant Treasurer.
6. Co shall sit on the Budget Steering Committee (BSC).
7. Co shall present the semester budget to Campus Council at the first Campus Council meeting
of each semester.
8. Co shall advise the SGA President on all financial institutional planning issues.
9. Co shall co-chair the Interim Allocations Committee.

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Applications are due on Thursday, February 28th at 5:00PM. Interviews for selected students will take place March 1st and 2nd.

If you need any accommodations,, please contact President-elect Regina Logan [sgaprez].

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