Sonoma State: Instructional Innovation Grant Application
The Instructional Innovation Grant is an open competitive process; submissions can be made by all Sonoma State University tenured/tenure-track and lecturer faculty. Proposals will be considered and selected by the Professional Development Subcommittee (PDS) with funding provided by Academic Affairs. Individual proposals of up to $1500 will be considered, which may include faculty stipends, student labor, and other project ideas as outlined in the criteria below.

We want to fund projects that have the potential to serve as models for future curricular development and innovation. We are most interested in project proposals that can be shared with colleagues in the SSU faculty community for further refinement.

Application Process

Each proposal will need to include the following items. Proposals should be limited to 3 pages of text, and must be submitted via the supplied Google Form. Only one proposal per faculty member can be accepted.

1) Basic Contact Information of Requestor: Name, Department, Campus Address, Phone, Email

2) Course(s) Affected (Department, Course Name/Number, Approximate Course Enrollment)

3) Brief, descriptive title of project

4) Project Overview: Please include a statement of goals for the project, a project timeline (including any proposed travel dates), a scope of work (including who will be involved with the work),

5) Project Need/Justification: How will these funds help support faculty development and promote student success?

6) Project Budget Requested: Include breakdown of labor, material, travel and/or other relevant areas, as well as total project cost

7) Assessment & Sustainability Plan: How will you demonstrate success in this project? What does a positive outcome look like? How do you intend to share the results of this project with colleagues? How will you ensure that any content created with the support of this grant will be made available in the future?

For information regarding the Instructional Innovation Grant and this application, please contact:
Justin Lipp, Ph.D., Faculty Center Director

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