Inglês Avançado (C1)
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1) __________ he's showing a lot of discipline, I don't believe he is going to get that promotion. *
2) I've been off work for the last week ______________ this terrible cold I got. *
3) The football team has scored only one goal. _______________ they have qualified for the next round. *
4) It’s often difficult to ____________ considerably from each other: one runs on diesel and the other gas. *
5) The quality of his art is excellent. __________, his attitude and commitment *
6) __________________ with a better reputation than it really deserves. *
7) It was a difficult situation, but he decided to take the ___________ by the horns and tell his boss what he thought. *
8) Could we please focus on our schedule and get __________ with the real subject? *
9) I was __________ to find that the film was quite __________. *
10) Look! The sky is turning grey and the clouds are moving. Yes, I'm afraid it _________________ be pouring down soon. *
11) The Hostel upgraded us and gave us a ________ instead of a double room. *
12) Your father _____________ when you finish cleaning the dishes. *
13) He said he would send me a present, but he ______________. *
14) She has three sister. She's the ______________ of all of them. *
15) He ______________ the building, destroying and killing many victims. *
16) Nursing is a rewarding _______________, but one which is not usually well paid. *
17) Which creatures live in a hive? *
18) They hurt ________________ quite badly when they fell off the bicycle. *
19) We need new curtains. Okay, let’s buy ___________. *
20) ______________ she's working really hard, I don't think she'll be able to catch up with the rest of the class. *
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