Norwich XR Volunteer request
A form for Norwich XR working groups to make a request for volunteers either for a one-off or a regular commitment.
Role name *
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Role description *
A brief sentence to describe the role — e.g. "Being part of the integration team in Norwich, helping new rebels to find the perfect role for them in Norwich XR."
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Role responsibilities *
A more detailed list of responsibilities that the volunteer will take on. Try to split the role into specific tasks and list them all here in a bullet point list.
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Time required *
The time required, either per week or per day (for ongoing roles) or just a single time commitment (e.g. "2pm-5pm on Saturday 19th January")
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Commitment period
The minimum length of time the volunteer needs to commit to the role for, if applicable.
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Special skills / equipment required
Anything that the rebel will need to be able to do / the rebel will need to possess in order to do the role. If the equipment is provided, there's no need to list it here.
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A deadline for volunteers to contact you to take on the role, if applicable.
Contact *
A name and email address or phone number so the volunteer can contact you. Please note that this will be listed on the XR Norwich website — if you would prefer that it wasn't, please specify here and we can list the Norwich integration email address and then give rebels your contact details directly.
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