United Parish Of Bowie - Interest Survey
Please answer the following questions regarding activities, missions, and communications at UPB.
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What kind of fellowship or family activities would you be interested in attending?
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Would you have interest in attending an inter-generational retreat?
Is there a ministry or mission opportunity that you feel called to participate in that we don’t currently offer?
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What are your preferred ways to receive communication from UPB?
Do you have any suggestions for how we can be more welcoming and engaging to visitors and/or the surrounding community?
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Do you have any suggestions for partners for our mission giving?
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How would you prefer the church’s financial information be communicated?
The UPB motto/slogan is “United in Christ: Our Mission: To Serve.” Do you have any other thoughts or ideas for how UPB can fulfill this mission?
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Is there a committee you would consider joining? (open to all of our UPB family, regardless of membership status)
If you have any additional comments on the above questions, please list them here.
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