What do you want for Dimple Dell Regional Park?
Instead of asphalt paving, what alternative maintenance and improvement projects would you recommend for the Dimple Dell Regional Park? This short survey is in harmony with the Dimple Dell Open Space management philosophy described in the Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Master Plan as follows:

"Open space is generally the most pristine of all recreational property in the County’s inventory. These properties are usually large tracts of land consisting of hundreds of acres, and are predominantly composed of aesthetically pleasing natural landscapes unaltered by development and frequently encompass undisturbed, self-sustaining ecosystems. Open spaces typically support passive, low-impact activities and are free of unnatural land disturbance."

(This survey is created by the Dimple Dell Preservation Community)

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The ZAP Bond provides over $4 million for maintenance on the Dimple Dell North Rim Trail. What are your priorities for ADDING to the park? (Check your top 3 priorities)
The ZAP Bond provides $4 million for maintenance on the Dimple Dell North Rim Trail. What are your priorities for MAINTAINING the park? (Check your top 3 priorities for maintenance on existing trails.)
What activities do you primarily use the Dimple Dell Regional Park for? (Check all that apply)
Do you want the North Rim Trail to be paved?
On trails west of 700 (7th East), I would like to see... (Check your top 3)
Do you live in SL County?
Please list any additional requests, feedback, or ways in which you use the park.
In the interest of ethics, please list your first and last name.
If you would like to provide additional contact information, please list your phone number.
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