Artist registration for A3D & Slushe's Australian fire charity fundraiser
If you'd like to help A3D and Slushe create a charity bundle to raise funds for the Australian fires please enter your email below. You will receive a link to your upload folder via email in a few days.

- Deadline -
Aim to have your work in by February 10th 11:59pm GMT-11.

This is not a hard set deadline (as it takes us two days to bundle everything up and create promo images) but if you’re going to miss this deadline PLEASE email to let me know you are submitting behind schedule. If you miss the deadline, you may not be featured in the promos, but I will ensure your submission is patched in.

- Format -
We encourage artists to submit either an image set or a short animation, as those are of most interest to A3D buyers. That said, we’ve included pin-up collections, wallpapers, and short stories in the past. The only item we cannot accept is software applications. For everything else, acceptable file formats are below.

* Image content: jpg, png, or pdf, 1920 x 1080px or larger (comparable size for vertical and square images is fine)
* Animated content: mp4 or gif
* Written content: txt or pdf
* Audio content: mp3

If you are creating an image set, 5-20 images is what most artists submit.

Note to animators: If you create animated content, we can assist you with adding vocals and sound effects. If you plan to animate and will need voice and sound effects, email ASAP to coordinate the work. We will need previews of the final animation by February 6th in order to meet the submission deadlines.

- Rules -
Keep it secret: Because we are selling the charity bundle, it doesn't make sense to make the contents available to the public until the end of the fundraising period. If you are submitting several images, you are welcome to release a preview image or two to patrons and fans to entice them on what is to come. But overall try to keep your submission underwraps during the fundraising period so your fans are encouraged to purchase the set.

When the fundraising period is over, you're welcome to share your work with your fans.

Prohibited content: Because we are selling this on the A3D store, the payment processors we use place some rules on what we're allowed to sell. The rules are as follows.

* Sex should be consensual. Dubious consent that ends in all parties enjoying the sex is OK, but no explicit rape where the passive party seems miserable the whole time.
* Characters must be 18 or older.
* No bestiality.
* No scat.
* No violence.
* No blood, gore, vote, torture.
* No necrophilia.
* No malicious intoxication or drugging. This means your characters can willingly consume alcohol/drugs, but no one can drug them.
* No photography or video of real people.
* No material you don't own the copyright or a commercial license to.
* Nothing illegal.

- Self Promotion -
The point of the bundle is charity, but since you are donating time (and dollars, if you purchase any new assets for your submission) we welcome you to promote yourself. Many artists include .txt readme files or attach a sign-off image or frame at the end of their artwork to market themselves. This marketing typically includes a message to the buyer (thanks, hope you enjoyed it, etc) and URLs they can find more of your artwork at. Links to your Slushe gallery, twitter, other social media channels, personal website, A3D URL, Patreon are all great. You may even include links to competitor sites like DLSite and Renderotica, provided they are listed alongside the A3D URL.

Finally, if you have any questions please email Again, your upload folder will be sent to you via email after sign up.
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