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We’re excited that you’ve expressed interest in volunteering with Cru at WDW! This form will allow us to connect with you and follow up on the information you request.

If you are currently a Disney intern would would like to serve in our movement, fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/Jd18bwBYTohElv2A3
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Volunteer Covenant
As volunteers, partners, and staff of Cru at WDW, we work together towards a common mission of helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Take a moment to affirm your calling and commitment to some key elements of the ministry.
**Not required for those just helping serve with bigger events.**

I have read and affirm, without reservation, all 5 vows of the Cru at WDW Volunteer Covenant. *
To check out more about Cru at WDW, visit www.cruatwdw.com
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