Primestone Coin Swap
Here you can swap your Primestone Coins (PSC) for BGA Tokens. The swap rate is 50:1
You will only need to sign into your account and pin BGA Token to your dashboard and complete the form below.
How long will this swap be available?
This swap offer will be available until 12:00 a.m PST June 21st of 2020.
What is BGA Token?
BGA Token is a token used within the BlockGators Army Advertising Network. The token can be used across several platforms for Advertising, Marketing, Entertainment and Gaming.

As a token holder you are holding an asset that seeks to build and improve the BlockGators Army Advertising Network. Allowing for the tokens to provide real use cases online.
How to Swap
Send your Primestone to: PczTCamNoQ26HU69VLvEebEAAjG967pggF

Place your BGA Token receive address in the memo.
There is a 50:1 Swap Rate.
What is your BGA Token Receive Address?
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What is your txid for the PrimeStone (PSC) transaction? *
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How many PrimeStone (PSC) did you send? *
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Will the PSC be burned?
The Elite will neither be burned nor dumped on the market.
Is This Swap offer affiliated with the PSC Team?
In no way is this swap offer affiliated with the PSC Team. In no way is it meant to devalue or demean PSC. In fact, it is the complete opposite.
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